Haunting House History

Yesterday I get a call from the previous owner of our house. I messaged him on Facebook a year ago since I didn’t have his number or email address. He just now saw the message. I initially messaged him about information regarding the pipeline on the property.

Not only did he give me good information about the pipeline, but he told me a little bit of history:

Helen shared a story with my wife and I that a little girl died in a hot car in the driveway back in the 70s. (I forgot their family name).  The story was that the wife went grocery shopping and forgot the child in the hot car sitting next to the garage.  An ambulance was called, but the child was reported dead.

Fast Forward to 2001:  My wife and I were leaving one evening for happy hour and noticed a strange car in the driveway across from the far driveway entrance.  The car was facing us, but just sitting there.  A younger girl and guy were eyeballing our house.  I did not feel right leaving, so I parked the car and walked across to talk.

The girl introduced herself and her fiancé.  She said that her parents lived in [the house] and asked if they could have a tour.  Even before entering the house, she asked about the old coal hole down in the basement.  I did not know what it was originally used for, but said it was sealed up and I had never entered it.  The girl said that as punishment, her parents would lock her in there for days.  She described it accurately, so I took her down stairs to stand next to the closed up entrance.  She said that her parents were pretty unstable and that often she found herself locked away.  The girl mentioned that as a young girl, her parents would often threaten with sending her with her sister.  I asked about her sister; however, the girl never met her sister.  I compared with her the story I heard from Helen.  The girl mentioned that there was no accident with a hot car like everyone was told.  Her mother confessed to her that the father caused death by shaking or beating, then placed in the hot car as a cover up.

To me, it appeared that the girl was making amends with life before she plunged into marriage.  I shared that story with OLD-EARL before he died.  Earl and Audry mentioned that there was always some suspicion.

However, there were times (PRE-CHILDREN) when we heard someone walking upstairs.  We always thought it was the little girl.

I heard a version of this story before from Audrey before she passed. She said they were not a very nice family and felt sad for the children.

This is funny because there have been times when I would call upstairs to Kari asking if she was okay or ask what she was doing after hearing noises in the spare room upstairs (soon to be Kori’s room) only to find her in her room or downstairs with me.