My life depends on you

Sometimes when I’m driving and there is an open stretch of road ahead, I always feel like I’m on a motorcycle. Then I realize I’m in my SUV and my heart sinks. šŸ˜›

I do miss riding. I sold my bike a year ago in December, and it’s been 2 years since I’ve ridden. It was the first nice day of spring in 2014. My favorite days to ride are the days that are just slightly cool and overcast. Today is a day just like that, so it made me nostalgic.

Sadly, I don’t know if I’ll ride again. I love riding and I’m a good rider (or I was as of 2 years ago). What zapsĀ my confidence is the inattention of other drivers on the road. Too often I see motorcyclists have to maneuver around drivers cutting into their lane, oblivious to their existence. Drivers may view this as the cyclist “losing control” or “horsing around.” Nope. They probably had to swerve to avoid a road hazard, or another motorist.

I too have had to do this. Once I was very glad my bike was equipped with ABS. I had to brake so hard I am sure if I didn’t have ABS, I would have thrown myself or had to have gone down to the right if I were on any other bike. Someone cut in front of me in an intersection to make their right turn. Never mind the safest move would have been for them to turn around at the next block.

My bike had a huge horn, and it saved my hide at least once each ride. It’sĀ terrible I even had to use it, since my bike itself was pretty loud, and all my gear white and bright blue.

Please put down your distractions. Do not wear earbuds while driving. Do not text and drive. No selfies. No Facebook. No tweets. Look before you brake, turn, or change lanes. You can give driving 100% of your attention. Lives depend on it.