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White, But Progressive

On campus recently we have had various faculty candidates come visit. I do love meeting with the candidates that come through. It is always interesting to hear what other scholars are researching.

Recently, I was really saddened by what a candidate suggested. The candidate asked if another faculty member was the only diverse person in the College.

Diversity is so much more than race. It can be socioeconomic background, age, gender, geographic, and numerous other identity factors. Suggesting that while the majority of the faculty are white, we must not be diverse in our identities and beliefs, shows how progressive many of us here really are. We appreciate the many dimensions of people, not just their skin color, all while researching such complex, critical social issues.


Crying Wolf

It is very hard for victims of sexual assault to come forward. Some even struggle to tell those most dear to them for many reasons. We are individuals and struggle differently with those terrible things that haunt our lives.

Chris recently had someone troll him on Reddit. I say troll because this person has attacked him, unprovoked and repeatedly, for what he believes. Chris believes people who come forward about sexual assault or rape – regardless of gender – should be supported. While there are people in our society who do tell lies, we should not allow those to tarnish our humanity.

Yes, we all have recently heard of stories about people falsely claiming sexual assault or rape. Those instances are disheartening and deplorable. It is sad those people may feel they are doing justice to the cause by essentially crying wolf. People who have been sexually assaulted or raped live with that experience each day. It is a shame some people choose to embellish their lives with these harrowing experiences they truly know nothing about.

In regards to societal norms, we women culturally are so often asked to forgive or ignore the misbehaviors of others. Sexual assault and rape are never ok and should not be ignored. If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault or rape, encourage them to speak up. Nothing is more isolating than silence.

Pocket Equality

Today needs an exorcism. Why? The f!cking pockets on women’s clothes!

Pockets on women’s clothes, for those who know, seriously suck. They are always super tiny, unless on man-shaped clothes. Why can women not have clothes with a great fit and actual pockets?! These particular pockets on my pants today BARELY fit my 4 fingers in them, and I’m rather petite.

This morning I dropped everything at different times of the morning due to said tiny, useless pockets! I dropped my debit card. Then my keys. The best: my iPhone. My phone went under the car so far that I couldn’t even reach it while lying on the ground. I had to back the car up during the morning rush in the parking garage, block traffic, grab my phone and park again.

So…these pants I’m wearing, they’re going in the trash today at 4 pm, simply because they are so frustrating.  Women’s pants make us carry everything in our hands, thus not being able to move fluidly, shake hands easily, and have to bumble and fumble if we have to open a door. Carry a purse? I hate that too.

Somebody, somewhere, start a pocket equality movement!