A Ranting Bum

While having a lie-in due to a cold, I decided to watch the food related Ted Talks again. Sort of an encore and the best kind as food  is kind of my thing. During Jamie Oliver’s talk, I recalled 7th grade home economics.

Understand, I had been raised in a home where we loved food.  We loved growing it, cooking it, and finally, eating it. So, when Mrs. W lectured us about today’s “recipe” – how to grease the pan with margarine, snip the Pillsbury biscuits into pieces and coat in Ragu spaghetti sauce, I kind of lost it.

“This is what is wrong with America!” I said.

“Excuse me?!” she responded, turning from the chalkboard to glare at me.

“We eat this crap! That’s why we are unhealthy.”

This debate waged on. We debated about how good weight does not mean good health and how working people can cook healthy means. I was shy and this was quiet out of character for me back then. I was sent into the hall then Mrs. W came to confront me after she finished the lecture. I ended up getting an F that day and a grade of C overall.

So, at 5 we head to school to eat processed school lunches, sometimes breakfast too. Then at thirteen, we learn to ‘assemble’ food. When is this going to change?