Not Just Words

Recently I attended the MoCPA conference and several of my fellow educators and I were talking about how we hear new music. I usually just browse Amazon. Others said they use Spotify, so I thought I would give it a try.

I played the Today’s Top Hits playlist a few times and liked it.

Yesterday while I was working out, I decided to try something new as my gym playlist was a few weeks old.  After listening to that 5 days per week, I really needed something fresh to get me moving again. I tried the Power Workout playlist.

To be light would be saying I am not a fan. For the full truth, read on.

Daily I encounter stories of offensive language and acts being perpetrated against fellow human beings, especially children, people of various ethnic and racial origins, and women.

In these songs on this playlist I was playing to motivate myself through my workout, I heard women being referred to as bitches [sic] and pussies [sic].

These are just 2 terms out of the number heard in daily life today that should never be used to describe other human beings. Shame on Spotify, the artists, and all the people who help these terms and others continue to pervade society.