Friends share everything

As I type this, my oldest kiddo, Kari, is passed out on the sofa next to me with a heating pad on her ear. She’s finally gotten to sleep after coughing all day and spending the evening crying because of her ear.

She’s felt awful since Tuesday evening. I’ve been pushing fluids and stuffing her with vitamin-loaded fruits all in hopes she’ll be better for every kid’s favorite holiday, Halloween, which is Saturday. She even said today, “Mom, if I miss Halloween, it’s ok. I don’t even feel like candy.” I told her we’d make a special Halloween with popcorn and movies on the sofa if she wants.

Kari’s just like me when I was a kid:  if anyone of my friends had a cold, I soon did too. Neither of us got that “daycare dose” of sniffles and stomach bugs to challenge our immune systems early on. Elementary school is when Kari started regularly interacting other kids and her years are often peppered with colds.

I tell her to practice good hand washing and I have a hand sanitizer on her book bag and lunch bag. It’s gotten better, but she’s also been at this for 5 years now. She’s pretty good at avoiding the rogue germ, unless…

Someone sends their sick child on a playdate.

This drives me fruit! I know sometimes kids suddenly come down with a cold or will mask the fact that they’re sick just so they don’t miss the fun, BUT come on! It seems like this sending-kids-sick epidemic is happening more and more with our ever-busier lives.

If your child is sick, stay home, or at least give a courtesy warning before the playdate so that the non-sick party can make a decision.

Now Kari’s miserable, and likely the baby is soon to follow.

What do you think? Does this drive you nuts? Do you think it’s no big deal? How have you handled this in the past?