Poor Ben Affleck and that Hack Jennifer Garner

I’m sure it’s tough for Ben Affleck to play Batman in the upcoming flick, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As a 40-something actor, he had to overcome a lot. His hair is now streaked with grey. Shouldn’t he dye it? He probably has a shirtless scene. I hope he doesn’t have any of that baby weight left.

That’s ridiculous, right?

Yeah, it is, and women face this kind of objectification all the time. The worst part: people don’t even realize they’re doing it.

For example, this morning on local radio, the DJs were chatting about upcoming films. One opening this weekend is the new Jennifer Garner film, Miracles from Heaven.

Female DJ: “Do you think Jennifer Garner is America’s next sweetheart?”

Male DJ: “Yeah, I think so. Everyone feels sorry for her after the whole Ben Affleck thing.”

Never mind her talent, or the projects she starred in before Affleck was her beau or her awards…

Jennifer Garner Awards

It must be because people feel sorry for her.

How do we cut down on this type of crap? First, we need to recognize we have biases. We need to understand our personal biases and then we can start to work on changing them. Test yourself for bias. Even if you don’t think you have one, we all do.