Holy Moldy, Batman!

A fellow chicken lover posted a great suggestion online:

Supplement your chickens’ diet with grocery store greens (not moldy!) that are past their selling prime.

Great idea! My free ranging flock doesn’t have much to munch on recently since the grass is dying back for the year, so I started calling grocery stores in the area.

The first store said they donate old veggies to charity, then the second store said they no longer give produce to the public due to health and legal concerns. They had to even switch to trash compactors instead of dumpsters due to people diving for food, and in the event they got ill, would sue the store. I would have never thought of such things happening – wow!

Needless to say, I didn’t find any greens for my chickens. I do have to call one store back tomorrow to talk with the manager, but I’m not hopeful considering all the other information I have heard today.