Dogs: How to Train your Humans

Hot Dog

Hot Dog

The people at the Humane Society of Missouri offer services through a wonderful partnership with Greater St. Louis Training Club. GSLTC offers a variety of courses to inform humans about canine behavior, how to best communicate with your fuzzy bud and provide resources for specific behavioral issues. They have been a great resource for me over the past year and I hope to continue to work with them.

Last year, I attended two of their courses and received wonderful suggestions about reading materials and future courses for Busch. In the next few weeks, I will be taking a human course to better handle my anxious pup, Busch. Also, Coal and I will be starting down the Canine Good Citizen path!

If anyone is looking into training, see what your local Humane Society suggests. Often times you’ll run into wonderful people who really love working with people and their pups to produce a more productive relationship.

P.S. Coal is now 55 pounds! Great from her 45 pounds a little less than two months ago.