Walk this Way, Blog this Way!

This is my third blog. I have scrapped and rebuilt out of my own dissatisfaction. What is it to blog? Should one only focus on one facet or glimpse of life? This is my problem. I feel my blog is too broad. I don’t have a focus. I’m into a lot of things (the reason behind my blog’s name). I feel like this is a mistake not focusing on one thing, but I also feel it is a mistake to deny reality. I am a multi-faceted person with many ideas and too much, albeit random, knowledge to share!

An interesting read over at ProBlogger got me thinking: What is a perfect blog? Is there a certain dynamic to blog? Does it have a style similar to APA or MLA? Mistakes are made, but do the readers even notice?

I am going to start blogging and publishing my podcasts soon for my job, where I will be expected to stay on topic. Let’s hope, for the students’ sake, I don’t end up rambling to my own amusement and boring them just enough to block my blog and vocal styling from their fond college memories.

P.S. I’m blogging a ton this weekend because I’m sick and I think a lot when I’m captive on the couch.