Why Blog?

The reason I have this blog is to speak about the world today. How everything is. How we mass produce. How we inject animals with hormones. How we forget each other. How the further we succeed, the more drastically we fail.

What do I mean by all of this? We need to get back to the basic principles of life. No genetically engineered meat, which not only is tasteless, it is cancer in the making. No hormone injected cows, which not only are afflicted by disease and infections from the rapid milk production, they pass on the hormone remnants to the consumer. Not only is premature puberty an effect of this hormone, breast cancer in young men and women has increased in correlation to the introduction of rbST.

I would love to live in a world where parents didn’t buy bunnies and baby fowl for their children for Easter and dump the poor pets days later. It’s amazing how many three month old bunnies are in the classified ads right now. Dyed chicks are also the rage – my well serviceman mentioned how he ‘received’ 10 chicks from his child’s classmates, who interestingly enough couldn’t keep chickens.

What is this that we’re doing to ourselves? Being mostly of math and physics, I must think that this just cannot come to a good end. The laboratory is filled with hazards and we’re surely to only receive horrible, yet predictable, results.