Where have All the Hippies Gone?

kombi customizada
kombi customizada
Thank you, Paula Marina for your wonderful image!

They never left really.  Hippies are among us.  Even the members of society who don’t consider themselves hippies may just be a little bit hippie.  Think about it.  A large majority of us recycle and have demanded recycling services from our waste haulers.  Vehicles are becoming more eco-friendly, despite the increase in size.  But they are getting better.  We’re more conscious about our footprint on the Earth.  Perhaps some people release bugs back into the wild instead of squishing them on sight.

Many of these hippie policies have integrated into everyday life.  Perhaps this is good – all except the drug use and open “encounters”.  If more of us accept these heathy, positive principles, perhaps the Earth might look a little younger around the eyes.

Next time you laugh at someone recycling everything in sight, just remember they did that for you, their kids and your kids.  Next time you see a hybrid, recognize how cool that is.  Think about growing some veggies – they taste so much better than the grocery store.  And even think about getting some chickens – I’ll get you set up with some chicks and tons of info!