Jefferson County Animal Control

Abby, black Labrador Retriever pulled from JCAC
Abby, black Labrador Retriever pulled from JCAC

JCAC control numbers for the past 4 years:

Year for statistics:     2007    2006    2005    2004
Animal accepted       3,982   4,693   4,269   4,500
Animals euthanized   2,729   2,936   2,765   2,209

Adopted                   240     224       212      270
Returned to owner     602     522       506      493

Pulled by rescues      620      991       789     1,528

These numbers are accurate and from the Department of Agriculture.

On any given week, there are seventy plus animals being kept at the shelter.  Please let me know if you are able to assist with the project for a new facility in Jefferson County, Missouri – even if you can simply attend the planning meetings.  The current facility is in need of an overhaul.  There are dogs outside in kennels, no vet on site, no adoption center and the office is an old trailer home.  These people need new facilities in order to adequately help these animals.  Currently, they are so overrun with animals, and they have no where to go with them.  Many rescues are overrun with dogs and cats.  The only choice JCAC has is to euthanize.
Please help make animal control easier on all parties involved.  Please give your animal proper vet care, fix your pets and adopt an animal from a rescue or animal control facility instead of from a breeder.  Why breed new lives when there are wonderful ones to save?
To see pictures of available animals at JCAC, please visit this Flickr group.