“Organic food is just another scam to grab more money from us”

The above quote is from a BBC article.  Some will read this quote and spread this false information.  Sad.

“Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine looked at all the evidence on nutrition and health benefits from the past 50 years.”
Yes, but what about the hormones that were introduced more recently.  Or what about other imports/exports and the experiences in other countries.  Mind you, the United States might just be number 1 with the amount of junk we allow in and on our food.

“The review did not look at pesticides or the environmental impact of different farming practices.”
Exactly.  It’s not just about the nutrition of the food, but the impact of the food on our body and on our home.  This planet is on loan to us from future generations.  Sure, we’ll be absorbed by our supernova Sun in a few billion years, but until that time, we need to help the planet last that long.