What to Expect When…


You encounter a 3 year-old on a metro train:

“Is this the whole set?”
Yes, I guess this is the whole train set.  This set is just really big and it goes all over the city.

“Does the place we’re going have grass?”
We’re not going outside of the city, it’s just a different way of getting around – just like if we were in the car.  The grass question was prompted by Kari’s observation of Aunt Zona (Arizona) having no grass during our vacation last fall.

“Didn’t they just say no smoking here?!”
Yes, but some people don’t listen.
“They’re bad.”

“Does the train have seatbelts?”
No, but maybe with some drivers they should.

“Is this one our train?”
No.  That’s the red one.  We need the blue one.
“Is this one our train?”
Buddy, there is no train here.
“But I heard a train.  Just be quiet, turn your head like this and listen.  And you’ll hear the train!”