Happy Birthday!

Dear Blog,

Happy Birthday!  You’re two!  I think you are the longest running ‘version’ of a blog I have ever had.  Congrats!

Sure, there have been months of hiatus and scrapped drafts like any overly critical writer, but we’re still going strong.  I haven’t nuked your WordPress install nor your directories.  Way to go!

I hope to have you around for many years to come!


P.S.  As your birthday winds to a close, here are some funny things from the past year:

Funniest Spam Comment
I read about an actuary who calculated that the odds of a man’s trousers falling down if he was wearing both a belt and suspenders was about 35,000 to one. What would be the odds of a man’s trousers falling down while wearing only a belt? What about only suspenders?

Funniest Keywords
Assist to Sell Rain
do lamp cords need to be fully extended

Keywords I’m Proud to See
how to persuade mall to allow puppy mill info table

Scary Keywords
dexcool illness (It’s antifreeze, folks!  Call poison control – not Google!)
how close can a heat lamp be to drywall

Absolute Scariest Keyword
can packaging tape catch on fire if used to secure an outlet (I have no words for this)

WTF Keyword
my wife jackie does interracial
so hot pop corn popped in car

Longest Visit on Site
9 minutes 19 seconds