This morning in the car, Chris was talking to me about telling stories.  His dad always tells stories and he has quite the knack for it.  Stories about long motorcycle rides, the Navy, Chris’ mom, etc. Chris feels he does not have any stories to tell, and that his life story would be uninteresting to anyone.

Well, I do disagree.

Life stories are the most interesting, regardless of if the adventures were found on a mountain or in the backyard.  These adventures are your own.  Own them.  Love them.  No one else is going to have your adventures for you.

I have this theory about knowledge.  One cannot possibly know everything unless he or she has spoken to every single creature.  We all contain bits of knowledge.  Although they may seem small to us, they could be immense to someone else.

If you want to have an adventure, then have it.  But don’t forget about all the small adventures that make up the one big adventure.

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  1. HA! I think you and Chris have the best stories. I think it’s one of those things where because you are there, it doesn’t seem so interesting, but to everyone else it is.

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