Because I think I am hilarious…

Here is my email I sent to IESI Waste Management:

I reside at address. Each spring I sign up for yard waste service. Each spring I am told my start date, and then the debris is not collected. I then phone to remind of the pickup.  Each time I am told to phone by 7 pm that day to remind of the missed pickup.  I work full time, attend grad school, and run a non-profit.   I was not aware that I was on the payroll at IESI.  I don’t have time to phone every service I use to remind them of their part in the contract.

When I phoned today to see if the start date of my service could be adjusted to the actual date my debris was collected, I was told that if I do not phone within 48 hours of the missed pickup an adjustment will not be made.

While I am used to the level of service provided by waste companies in the area, this by far was the most offensive policy I have heard yet.  I as a customer should not be told how I need to be more diligent about reminding your company to uphold its piece of the contract.


Jackie Koerner