The Great Wide Open

Last night I happened upon this gem in my site stats:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 11.05.01 PM

Well. Hmmm. Sadly for the searcher, not on this site. But what does this say about the youth and how they’re using this great vast medium of the Internet.

Let’s take email for instance. No one ever has said this is the right way or the wrong way to use email. Some people are deleters. Some archivers. Some a mix of the 2. Others keep their inbox full. Then there is the communication protocol. Is it like a text? Better than a call? Formatted like a formal letter? A personal letter? We are all using technology in varied and increasingly creative ways.

The Internet is full of gems for us all. It’s a metaphorical horn of plenty. It might just be the great education and access equalizer in our educationally disjointed society. How wonderful to have this tool for educators and learners and the curious to use!

While I’m not sure this young person was fruitful in their search for nude girls from Mii Plaza, watching and learning about how people are using the media is not only fascinating, but very educational. It teaches us multitudes about society, thought processes, curiosity, creativity, and where we are headed ethnographically.

Next time you get the chance, ask someone how they use technology. You might learn some new ways to leverage the media. You might even learn something cool about how people are venturing into the great wide open.