Have Courage and Be Kind

Hello! If you all are visiting my site from Craig and Katy’s project, the Art of Survival, thank you for taking an interest in ending sexual assault. If you have not already, do check out their project about sexual assault during the month of April. We all want the same thing: to bring awareness to sexual assault.

Did you know April is Sexual Assault Awareness month? I didn’t either until Craig reached out to me about sharing my story on the Art of Survival project. In conjunction with Sexual Assault Awareness month, I have committed to 30 days of writing about sexual assault. I know this is going to be particularly emotional for me at times, but if I’m quiet, he wins, and the cycle continues with new victims like me.

Sorry for the hiatus April 3 and 4. I had to take a break from writing about sexual assault. I was beginning to have nightmares again and relive it during my waking hours. I honestly thought about scrapping the commitment. This, I hope, shows you how sexual assault can affect the person for their whole life, and, how we must always have courage.

One of my favorite quotes comes from a 2015 Cinderella remake, “Have courage and be kind.”

When dealing with the aftermath of sexual assault or working with a victim, remember to have courage and be kind. It’s not their fault. There are many stakeholders to deal with in situations like this, but only one enemy: sexual assault.

Remember who the real enemy is, have courage and be kind.