Brock Turner texted pics of his unconscious victim’s breasts to his friends

According to Brock’s dad, he shouldn’t be judged for his “20 minutes of action.” Brock argued throughout the whole trial the sexual assault and rape was “consensual.” So, Snapchatting your pals pics of your victim’s boobies was totally cool with her too?

When is this acceptance of sexual assault and violence against women going to end!?

Oh, and he shouldn’t be on the registry, Papa Turner? Yes. Yes he should. Because this is not what normal, loving consensual sexual activity looks like: undressing an unconscious woman in order to expose her breasts and genitals, snapchatting friends her naked body parts, then raping said unconscious woman behind a dumpster with fingers and other foreign objects found lying on the ground.

Don’t be silent. Speak up against sexual assault and violence.