Parents Deny Kids Books

Sometimes I study at the local library, as I simply cannot get any writing done with the dog/laundry/toddler/dishes/etc. staring at me. I often overhear conversations between children and parents that go much like this:

Child: (with excitement) I want to get this book!

Parent: No, you’re not getting that book.

Why? Because it’s “annoying,” “too much to read at bedtime”, or, the latest, “Sci-Fi” (in reference to a Star Wars book).

For goodness sake, let them get the books they want to read!

My List

I’m sure we all have these things we want to do before we’re a certain age.  Being that twenty-seven is just right around the corner, I thought I’d list some of mine:

Learn Chinese, French and Spanish
My French is the most tragic.  I’m a German speaker.  Gotta say it from your gut!

Travel to Italy, Greece, Spain and the UK…
I could go on and on about where I would like to go!

Take Chris through the places in Europe I have been
I always talk about it, but I can never convey the beauty, the experience, or the feelings without words.  I have been all over Germany, France, Poland and the very tip of Switzerland.   I wish I could convey the excitement I relive whenever I see places I’ve been in books or pictures.  It’s something you can only see for yourself.  Traveling abroad is an experience one can’t see until it is done!

Get a cow
This is probably the funniest.  I want a Dexter cow.  Cows are just like big dogs.  (Strangely, I had a fear of dogs until I got one, but I’ve always loved cows.)  If you have never petted a cow, go seek one out (not the bull though).  One on my friend’s farm used to lean into the fence when she was scratched.  Quite cute for such large things.

Those of you who don’t know, I love roller coasters and all sorts of other crazy things.  Particularly safe thrill seeking.  Motorcycle riding is probably the extent of my high speed thrill seeking without rails.  Being that zorbing is done on a closed course, I’d like to give it a go.

Any suggestions?