The Power of Touch

I love technology. I love blowing someone away with something – “look what this can do” and his or her mind just stops. Amazing. It’s great when one can touch someone with technology like it completely changes their world.

I have to admit, one guy has touched me. I got an 8GB iPod Touch for Valentine’s Day this year. I have been sick for the past week with the flu, and needed something to fill my couch time, so Chris gave it to me a little early.

I am terribly excited about this little device. Apple has just brought so much together into one sleek tool. Of course, one could argue that it is no different than any other ‘PDA’; however, I’ve used PDAs and I don’t see myself ditching this anytime soon for one of those clunky things in the attic. The interface is nice. I don’t read directions. I just dive in. I picked this up without even fumbling one bit. My everything can be with me: music, photos, traffic, weather, videos, Internet, calendar, contacts, and any other programs I toss on there to make my life more organized. Kudos on another consumer electronics development by Apple.