Kids are Under a Ton of Bricks Because…

College Consultants

While doing a service learning project at Roosevelt High School last fall, I heard about the strangest thing: a college coach. What did he do for this family? He helped their girls get into their schools. Got great aid packages. Hired ACT coaches for them. Seems a bit odd to me still.

Even though I am going through some of the college crunch now trying to get my youngest sister in-law into school, file the forms, etc. I’ve been doing this for students for about five years now. For what? My salary. My satisfaction. Their education. I understand orchestrating all of these services and knowing the ‘ins and outs’ can be difficult, especially for first generation college students. High schools and colleges offer many of these services for free! Seek and find. Make some phone calls. Maybe these consultants are great, but I don’t see the value in their extra cost.