General Motors: Give me Some Green!!!

…and I’m not talking about the goo on my driveway.

My 2003 Chevy S10 is in the shop.  Sicker than a truck with 40,000 miles should be.  Thanks to GM and their Dex-Cool incident, my truck will cost me $800 to repair – and that’s the ‘friendly’ price my friends at Economy Car Care gave me.  And I do trust what they are saying is wrong.  Not only have they always done right by me and my family’s cars, they told me of the Dex-Cool situation.  I promptly hit Google.  There it was:  Dex-Cool Settlement.

I am terribly frustrated at the lawsuit for two reasons:

The repair to my vehicle is exact to those covered for other vehicles in the lawsuit, but the repair covered for my vehicle isn’t anything I’m experiencing.  Dex-Cool ate through components of my vehicle that should still be in tact.

Secondly, the lawsuit says people have up until 7 years after taking delivery on their car to submit a claim.  I just had my truck 5 years on October 31, 2008.  The claim period ended on October 27, 2008.  Nice they gave those 2003 and later vehicle drivers a chance to get their 7 years…that was sarcasm.

So, GM, I will no longer purchase any vehicle from you.  I have gone foreign and I’m not going back.  Thank you, you jerks for not reimbursing me my $800.  You know, all of us just have money to throw away on junk cars.  I will cry if my tax dollars are used to bail you out, as you have already bled me dry through my mini truck.

Lesson here, readers, in practicality is to not let substandard service and products complicate your life.  Hold those accountable.  Stand up for yourself.  While the CEOs are crusing around in their jets, I’m having to pay $800 for something that shouldn’t have happened and is no fault of my own due to lack of maintenence.  That truck has amazing service records!

In short, if GM is producing substandard products and cutting corners on the consumer end of the stick, why should we put up with this.  We’re a practical group of people.  We just want things to be fair.  And this sure isn’t.

Bailing out the “Big 3” without any proper planning to generate better products and more forward thinking design would be irresponsible and frivilous.  We need better products.  Why should anyone pay for anything substandard?  This is especially frustrating when the executives of this company are still eating high on the hog when the rest of us are suffering from their poor management.

Buck up, GM and the like.  Show me something worth buying.  So far, I am not impressed.

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