I Don’t Get It.

I fail to comprehend somethings.  These things make up much of the world, and am told, many are just a result of human nature.  This still does not add up with me.

I don’t understand why anyone would want to cause harm to another individual, or do something against the law or morals of ‘typical’ human beings, even indirectly harming, as one could foresee the consequence (anyone else understand foresee-ability?  It holds in court, and should have merit in real life).

I have a strong set of morals.  Stronger and stricter than most.  Many things shock me, even though I know they shouldn’t.  At twenty-six, not much in this world should shock me.  I should be out of my wide-eyed, bushy-tailed bubble.  But I’m not.  Every single time something happens against my moral code, it shocks, appauls, and deeply saddens me.  Why did someone make this choice?  We’re only human, but that excuse only runs so deep, especially when the result impacts someone, another being.

This post is a result of my moral code conflicting with the very recent drunk driving accident involving Angels pitcher, Nick Adenhart.  It isn’t the fact that he was someone famous; it is the fact that three people died and one is seriously injured because someone decided to drink much past their capacity.  It is stories like this in the news that bring to light how many innocent people die in drunk driving crashes each year.  I don’t understand why someone would drink, then drive.  Obviously not one to think about others.

Why drive drunk?  Why steal?  Why rape?  Lie?  Kidnap?  Abuse? Drink?  Get high?  Neglect?  Cheat?  Etc.  So, what is it that makes people do these things?  Before my education, I knew these things were wrong.  So, what makes me so different from everyone else who commits these horrid crimes?  What is it that can be done?

I don’t believe so much in ‘justice’.  There is no justice that can be done for taking another person’s life.  And who is to say when justice has been served?  Is that person reformed?  Is this reason why they do these things ingrained in their moral being?