It is Easy Being Green

And get more for your money while you’re at it.

This week, I will focus on tasks that are mutually beneficial for both Mother Earth and the consumer (aka you).  If stretching the dollar a little further peaks your interest, read on.

This week’s topics include:

Conscientious Clothes
Making your laundry process green.

Dirty Cleaners
Household chemicals to ditch and why.

The relations you can have with Mother Earth.

Making trash into your garden’s treasure.

How making your own food will cut the grocery bill (and additives).

Rain Barrels
The appropriate use of rain barrels.

Collecting the Sun’s energy and using it for good.

Getting Canned
Canning your harvest for winter use.

The Bockers
Simple, quick start guide to chicken raising.

Space Invaders
How to get the most out of your spaces outside.