Communication is Key

Communication is key.

How often have we all heard that phrase?

Now let that phrase marinate.

Why is communication so key?  Communication is so important in our lives we even have a word for the times when communication goes awry.  Few of us master communication, and definitely not with everyone.  Why? Communication is always a transaction.  Verbal. Nonverbal. Always receiving.  Always responding.

I talk. You listen.

You talk. I listen.


One would hope.  In written word, this seems rational; however, once we get so fixated on what we are trying to say, we forget to listen.  I talk. You talk. No listen.

In reality, it’s not all about me.  And it’s not all about you.

One thing I have experienced in my role as a student recently is the propensity of everyone to talk in the classroom.  I left the classroom last night with my head reeling with questions not about the class topic, but human behavior.  We were to work on a group project.  After twenty of the thirty minutes assigned, two of the six were not budging.  They allowed their personal opinions to get in the way of the research and trends.  In the remaining 10 minutes, we debated, but came up with a good idea to present.  Someone presented, but only presented their opinions and pieces of the project they liked.  I was dashed that our project was not presented.  Especially when we all had good ideas.

Everyone is so concerned with being heard. It seems as though instead of listening actively, we are all so busy thinking about our response while the other person is talking, thus not actively listening or reflecting. We will only be intelligent as a society if we act like a society.  Collective knowledge benefits the whole community.

Collaboration is amazing.  It happens when communication is at least roughly effective.  Groups of people connect over common ideas, issues, etc. and create something.  Their minds come together to create!  Amazing!

Why are we all so hung up on our own ideas? Why are our experiences more important than those of others?