Morals Adrift

As an adult, one comes to recognize events that happen, and even though they are not desirable, moral, etc. they happen. They just do. I recognize these atrocities, injustices, and moral dilemmas of others, but sometimes I just do not understand them.  Do what is right. Just do.

This morning on NPR I heard a story about passengers who were bird watching aboard a Carnival cruise ship observing a fisherman aboard a small vessel without a motor waving a piece of clothing – any normal person would think they are in distress.  The birdwatchers did and alerted the crew.  The crew observed this and told the captain of the ship.  The cruise ship did nothing to help the stranded fisherman.

Once back home, one birdwatcher followed up on the incident and was fed a story by customer service.

Later a story came out in the news about the fishermen.  Three men were alive the day they saw the cruise ship. They had already been drifting for 14 days at that point. One died that night.  The other 5 days later.  Only 1 man was alive when help finally came another 14 days after the cruise ship spotted them.

This stuff happens. I do not understand why it does. How could someone make a call to not go help? It’s even maritime law. Sad it has to be, as people should go by compassion.