Where were you?

Last night before bed I had Kari pick out her outfit as always.  I told her it was red, white and blue day at school tomorrow.  This morning, after getting dressed, I asked her if she knew why today was red, white and blue day at school.  She said, “For Patriot Day and Remembrance.”  I then asked her if she knew why.  She didn’t.  I told her on September 11, 2001, some people did a bad thing.  They crashed airplanes with people inside.  Two were crashed into a very busy building in New York and one the passengers fought the bad people and crashed it into a field in Pennsylvania so no one else would be injured.

Kari then asked me, “Where were you?”  I thought this was an appropriate question from Kari, as she was worried I was close to the action, but I am shocked about all the “Where were you?” hashtags, etc. floating about on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Yes, where we were is something that is etched in all of our minds, but on this day, I choose not to remember where I was, but the shock I felt.  The shock that a human being could wish to injure other human beings.  Remember what you felt on this day, those who were lost and those who lost.