Legally Tripping Out Your Kids: ADHD Drugs

Pills (white rabbit)

Pills (white rabbit)

Note here I am not using the word medication.  Behavioral drugs are depended on by many Americans.  These Americans just want to live a life where they are in control of their feelings.  I get it.  What some don’t understand is that the drugs aren’t the only answer in every case and can cause more harm than good.  They can eliminate one’s ability to work certain jobs, Make young children hallucinate and have long term affects.  Yet, people continue to pop pills without a bat of an eyelash.

With increased spending on behavioral drugs, surpassing that of antibiotics, American needs to investigate and figure out why such drugs are increasingly used.  The seeming correlation with the introducation of certain chemical compounds with the rise in behavioral drug use is shocking.  One might argue the pills were not available back then; however, the rise in numbers of psychiatric patients has also risen.  Perhaps people should investigate before they simply throw drugs at the ‘issue’.

I am proud to be drug free.  I recently cut high fructose corn syrup, monosodium glutamate (MSG), carrageenan, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) from our family diet.  All of these substances can cause behavioral issues, some cause cancer and others are indigestible.  MSG in particular has been linked to severe behavioral modifications.  Just by eating on item with MSG, I get a headache and makes me feel dizzy.  It does, however, affect people differently.  It could range from mild aggetation to extreme depression and rage.

With some of these behavioral drugs, I cannot help but wonder if drugs are used to treat the drugs found in our food.

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  1. Comment on the picture: My dad takes a lot of pills for various things. I joke with him sometimes that he doesn’t need to eat breakfast because his pills are probably rather filling.

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