Give a Little


Giving back to the community is very important to my family.  We’re always thinking of ways to help people when their needs have not been addressed.  We’re the smiling faces on campus giving people directions, even if we’re already running late.  We live modestly, but understand our role in the community, and give in any way we can.  Giving is meager, and now it is, for the most part, non-existent.  Now that the economy is not so great, non-profit organizations are suffering.

Every year since Kari was born, I have ran or slept in for the cure.  Chris and I donate time and resources to help various animal rescues in the St. Louis area.  We also donate to the Humane Society of Missouri through programs, vet services and other donations.  One of my favorite charity events each year is Bark in the Park.  Tons of dogs.  Loads of dog goodies.  A fun T-shirt.  And getting to see fellow rescuers!  So…it’s official!  This year’s Bark in the Park team has been formed!  We’re the Mommas and the Puppas!  Please support us – your donation will be greatly appreciated!!!